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  • The higher-level math classes prepare a student for the math courses in college. I did excellent in my college partly due to my high school math experience, well prepared!

  • The science courses taught really prepared me for college sciences. Chem. 1 first day of class – teacher handed out elements to learn – I knew every one of them due to my high school education.

  • If anything gave me a strong foundation, it was my English classes that I gained the most from.

  • When I do my accent reduction training, I continually draw from knowledge gained in high school English classes.

  • I think the NRCS is a good school and the teachers really care about the children – I hope that my children can go there someday.

  • The education that is provided in our school is invaluable. It served to prepare me for the “outside world” and the challenges of further education.

  • My English classes have helped me tremendously. A lot of the correspondence I do is through e-mail and when all a person sees is the words you write, it’s a huge help when your writing is intelligent.

  • I believe that I received a wonderful education at NRCS and felt completely prepared for college.

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