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Tuition Reduction Incentive  Program (TRIP)

Sharpened Color Pencils

The TRIP program is a parent volunteer organization committed to reducing educational costs to parents. Large quantities of gift-merchandise certificates are purchased at a discount by the TRIP committee from participating food and retail stores. These certificates are sold at face value to families who participate in the program. The discount, or rebate, that is earned by the TRIP committee is padded on to families who have, or will have, children in the NRCS.

The certificates are then used as cash at participating stores. The tuition credit is accumulated and applied to a family’s tuition one time per year. This is a great way to begin saving up tuition credit even before their child(ren) reach school age.

If you are interested in participating in the TRIP program, please contact the school through the Contact Us page, or call at (973)628-7400.

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