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Graduation Requirements

Throwing Caps

The NRCHS Board has set the minimum number of credits to 130 for the graduation requirement of students in the Netherlands Reformed Christian High School.

Students and parents are urged to recognize these as minimum requirements and should concentrate on those areas especially applicable to their career choice.

English: At least 20 credits in language arts literacy

Mathematics: At least 15 credits in mathematics

Science: At least 15 credits in science

Arts: At least ten credits in fine, practical and/or performing arts

Religion: At least 20 credits in religious studies

Social Studies*: At least 15 credits in social studies, including satisfaction of N.J.S.A. 18A:35-1 and 2 

Phys Ed Health & Safety*: At least 3 3/4 credits in health, safety, and physical education during each year of enrollment, distributed as 150 minutes per week, as required by N.J.S.A. 18A:35-5, 7 and 8

Language**: At least 10 credits in world languages; for college bound students and at least 5 credits in world languages; for non-college bound students

*Students attending Morris County School of Technology may have this requirement waived

**This requirement does not apply to students with extenuating academic circumstances – as determined by the Director of Guidance, Principal and parents


Note: Other Cross-content workplace readiness which may be satisfied through infusion into existing courses, course equivalents, or career education courses

Image by Greg Rosenke
Image by Nguyen Dang Hoang Nhu
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